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Our Work

Collectively, MarketEdge leadership has successfully delivered over 300 distinct tasks for USAID and other development partners. The following examples currently represent work we have done individually and collectively prior to launching MarketEdge to support private sector engagement (PSE), market systems development (MSD), Localization and Open Innovation solutions.

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USAID Kenya and East Africa Localization Study 

On behalf of Integra, we conducted an assessment to guide ongoing customization and implementation of USAID’s localization strategy in Kenya to support the development of a guiding framework, approaches, success metrics and tools to elevate the Mission’s Localization 2.0 Strategy.

USAID PSE Hub Relationship Management Strategy and Professional Development Curriculum.

On behalf of Resonance, our team developed the Agency-wide Relationship Management Professional Development Strategy, a comprehensive guide to assist USAID with change management efforts aimed at bolstering partnerships with external stakeholders.

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USAID/Middle East and North Africa Bureau Private Sector Landscape Assessment (PSLA)

On behalf of Integra, we designed and implemented the Agency's first regional PSLA in a dynamic region of high economic and diplomatic importance.

Localization Support for New Partnerships Incubator

On behalf of Kaizen, we have provided a range of support to advance USAID’s localization goals. This included 1) the creation and testing of a rapid needs assessment tool used on 2,000 local entities, 2) the development of an outreach and partnership selection process, and 3) the co-creation and delivery of tailored technical assistance packages.

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