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Elevating Local Organizations for Sustainable Global Impact

At MarketEdge, our commitment is to empower local for-profit and nonprofit organizations to create sustainable and culturally resonant solutions. We excel in enhancing collaboration between local partners and major funders like USAID, while also guiding international implementing partners (IPs) in their transition towards supporting community-driven initiatives.

Enhancing Local Partners' Engagement with Development Partners

Our custom services are crafted to significantly boost local organizations’ ability to identify, secure and manage funding from development partners like USAID and other key funders. Following award acquisition, our expert team also works as a short-term extension of your team providing in-depth coaching and targeted technical assistance, in a range of areas, such as writing compelling technical deliverables, upgrading your financial management and operational systems, and building strategic partnerships across the ecosystem.

Guiding International IPs Towards Effective Localization 

We position international IPs as accelerators of localization. This includes creating internal localization strategies that align with USAID objectives; mapping and managing pipelines of highly-effective local partners and stakeholders; and developing a suite of tailored capacity building services.

Our Current Partners

Mwenezi Development Training Centre (MDTC), Zambia

“Your approach to capacity assessment and capacity building is awesome. MDTC is still benefiting from the skills that you taught us. Due to your support, we presented our new strategic direction to our annual general meeting and are in the final stages of finalizing our new strategic plan.”

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